The talks between Putin and Erdogan: the world in Idlib, and the reaction of the UN

In the Syrian Idlib came into force a cease-fire, which before was agreed in the Kremlin presidents of Russia and Turkey. The consultation lasted more than six hours, recalls channel “Russia 24”.

Leaders at first communicated one-on-one after — with the participation of delegations. Following the parties made a statement. According to the document, since March 15 in Syria will resume joint patrols along the M4 highway will create a corridor of safety.

in his statement to the press, Vladimir Putin stressed that despite their differences, Moscow and Ankara have agreed on many contentious issues. “We don’t always agree with our Turkish partners in their assessments of what is happening in Syria, but each time at critical moments, based on the high level of bilateral relations, we still managed to find common ground on the disputed points, to reach acceptable solutions. It happened this time,” said the President of Russia.

“Tonight, starting from 00:01 at midnight from 5 to 6 March, there will be a ceasefire, — said the President of Turkey Erdogan. — To ensure sustainable ceasefire will take all the necessary steps. Our goal is to not to aggravate the humanitarian situation in the region. We will make every effort to provide the necessary assistance to all persons in need in Syria, also we will provide relief to the refugees ‘ return to their place of residence who have left their areas as a result of these attacks.”

the UN has responded to the talks between Putin and Erdogan. The Secretary-General, antónio Guterres, expressed his hope that Russian-Turkish agreement will lead to a sustainable cease-fire.

the results of the negotiations and commented in the USA. The us state Department said it welcomes the agreement and hopes for a speedy de-escalation of the conflict in Idlib.