The official representative of the political office of radical movement “the Taliban” (banned in Russia) Suhail Shaheen told where the media received information about the alleged “collusion” between the Taliban and the Russia.

He explained that “incorrect and baseless information” transferred “to some American and European journalists in Kabul the Department of homeland security”. False information was meant to help “to sabotage the peace process,” said Shaheen.

According to him, allegations of “collusion” are “groundless”, they “are no words of truth”, reports RIA “Novosti”.

Shaheen called “publications” part “of the campaign waged by the opponents of the peace process in Afghanistan.” They tend to “hurt” the process of settlement, “put a spoke in the wheel”.

The allegations of “conspiracy” no “to anything that has to do with reality, it’s just a campaign against the peace process”, said Sahin, adding that the Taliban “completely reject these statements.”

Recall edition of The New York Times made a statement that Moscow, according to U.S. intelligence, allegedly “offered the rebels money for killing soldiers from coalition forces in Afghanistan.”

The Pentagon said that they have no evidence the information about the alleged “conspiracy”.