pregnant – a woman is only from the 13. Week. So the Swiss law. For 20’000 women per year, the fatal consequences: Thus many lose the child in the first twelve weeks of pregnancy.

It is a double Drama of the emotional Trauma, financial damage is yet to come: Because the sometimes steep costs for post-treatments need to be worn by most women. Because they do not apply, according to the health insurance law just as a Pregnant woman – and the only treatments in this part are exempt from the costs.

the Federal Council wants exemption from 1. Day

But now there is hope for women: The Federal Council recommends a proposal to the Green national councillor Irène Kälin (32) to accept. It demands that the exemption should apply from the day of fertilization to (LOOK told).

The Sensitivity, even a young mother, is surprised that the Federal Council recognises the need for action – even last year, he had evaluated a proposal from your more sceptical. “Perhaps it has helped that Karin Keller-Sutter sits now in the Federal Council,” says Kälin. In addition, the public pressure, also by the VIEWS of the rose-article on the taboo topic of miscarriage.

cash back

lobbying is more Important than the Federal Council’s blessing, however, will be to convince the fellow members to accept the Motion. The last Time the concern failed because of pressure from the insurance companies. Kälin know because: “we haven’t won Yet. I’m, unfortunately, that the coffers are once again lobbying against the cost of liberation.”