Not only the delicious food that comes on the table is important, but also to a beautifully laid table. To grab you under the arms and make your next occasion into something Special, we have compiled the following instructions for a classic table Setting for you.

placement of the plate

Start with the Stock of the square plate. This saves you from the ceiling, the dirtiness of the table. For a better orientation for you even use the chairs at the table. The plate should be placed in front of the middle of the chair, and a small Finger distance from the table edge. On the square plate then the plate should be with the gear placed.

what to do with all the Cutlery?

The main dishes and knives on the right food from the plate and the main fork to the left of the plate is placed. Make sure that the Cutlery is a thumb-width apart (or 1 cm) from the edge of the table. Right next to the Cutlery for the main course, the appetizer is placed Cutlery. To the right of the main dishes-knife appetizer knife and the soup spoon is thus. To the left of the main dining fork in the appetizer fork goes to the. This place is slightly higher than the fork of the main passage, so that the upper tines of the main dining fork with the lower end of the tines of the appetizer fork is at a height.

The dessert Cutlery is placed above the place plate, parallel to the table edge. Here, you should note that the dessert fork with the handle to the left and a dessert spoon directly above it with the handle to the right. The distance between the cutleries should be such that you could a credit card in between to set up.

Proper alignment of the glasses

The glasses are placed above the Cutlery to the right in a triangle shape. The stem of the wine glass should form part of the dessert Cutlery, and the main course knife a 90-degree angle. About the soup spoon place the water glass slightly below the red wine glass. Above the water glass and white wine glass takes his place. Remember to leave between the glasses at a distance of about one centimeter. A maximum of four glasses should be available per guest on the table. A fourth would be, for example, for a glass of Champagne.

The bread plate

outside, next to the left of the Cutlery, place the bread plate. Here you have two options. Either you judge him on a line with the tines of the appetizer fork or the middle of the square plate. To place finally the butter knife on the right edge of the bread plate.

The napkin

napkin can you lie down if you have not placed the bread plate in the middle of the plate, below the bread plate. Otherwise, you can fold the napkins with folding techniques and on the plate. For this cloth napkin is best.

With these tricks, you can conjure your next visit to guarantee a Smile on your face.