The thousand stars is very popular. This applies all the more since the financial crisis. In the last ten years, the amount of thousands, has doubled in circulation. They are rarely used to Pay, more common as a store of value, as studies have shown, for the purpose of tax evasion.

For a further increase in the popularity of the ongoing talks at the end of negative interest rates. Because customers are in the case of several banks for large amounts of Cash, with negative interest rates punished. A safe with thousands in this case is cheaper.

Less than But now exactly the opposite, as the “Sunday newspaper” reported. During the first six months, the number of a thousand marks was on the decline. The no longer existed for forty years. Year-on-year in the 1000cc circulation developed negative. So 2019 1.8 billion, or 3.7 percent less in traffic than a year earlier in June. Not even the launch of the new banknote in March, could boost the demand. Quite different to the 200. This is since the introduction a year ago in the High.

The curious trend of a puzzle is around the corner. Whether the SNB put itself behind it, asks the “Sunday newspaper”. Because the negative interest-rate policy could scuttle 1000-hoarders. No, says the SNB to the accusation of rationing. “The national Bank banknotes in accordance with the needs of payment transactions. They satisfied the entire demand for Bank notes”, the newspaper quoted. The issue of practice notes haven’t changed. Other banks confirm this.

the turn of the turn in September?

Nevertheless, a suspicion remains. Because the SNB refers to the payment, but not the storage. Because, Anyone with striking large cash amounts, negative want interest deal, gets the money for it. Nevertheless, this practice does not explain the thousands of puzzles, because it is already since the introduction of negative interest rates.

Exciting is the development of a thousand stars remains. In particular, if the SNB in September screwed again on key interest rate. In the case of increased negative interest rates, the demand for the world’s most popular Banknote could tighten quickly. On Tuesday, the SNB has her next gig: With the hundreds of the last banknote of the new series will be presented. (jfr)