The state political Commission of the Council of States (SPK) would like to continue to avoid any semblance of venality: National and Ständeräte should be allowed to accept paid directorships from the jurisdiction of the parliamentary commissions on which they serve.

The Commission has adopted a parliamentary Initiative of the Valais CVP-States Beat Rieder (56) by seven votes to two with two abstentions, as you tells. Attorney Rieder, requires that the Commission member with a conflict of interest to either the mandate or the Commission headquarters. The Acquisition of mandates could affect the independence of the members of Parliament, is also convinced by the Commission.

Three significant exceptions

“All the previous proposals of this type were too radical,” says Rieder aware of. He therefore set a moderate proposal. “He makes just as many exceptions, so neither is the credibility of the parliamentarians or the Functioning of the militia system are at risk,” explains Rieder his idea.

Three types of mandates would continue to be allowed:

professional safety : mandates in connection with the main professional activity One-year period: mandates that the Council member had already a year before taking a Seat in the respective Parliament Commission money limits : mandates that are directly or indirectly compensated for with a compensation of less than 5000 francs per year

Rieder justified these exceptions so that, there is a certain connection between the economy and the associations with the members of the Council in the parliamentary militia system was inevitable and possibly even desirable.

– Pay mandates from the property, the area of the Commission are, in the view of Rieder but problematic. However, you should also let the Five be straight: “Any Minor-mandate, for example, a seat in a Oversight Committee of a company for 3000 or 4000 francs a session, a year on, it must be possible”, he makes an example.

on the Other hand, could it be that someone in a property, Commission to choose and a year later, a mandate from this area for 100’000 Swiss francs or even more take.

resistance from liberal circles

looks apparently, the majority of the SPK so. The votes against are likely to come from radical circles, the desire is no restriction of the occupational activities of the parliamentarians, as previous initiatives show.

The Initiative now goes to the advice of the national Council Commission. This is true, you can work out the SPK of the Council of States, a corresponding change in the law.