The SVP has ushered in the election campaign, as it is from your usual: with a provocation. The poster, the Switzerland shows, as an Apple, being eaten by outer and inner enemies – Brussels, as well as FDP, SP, CVP, and Green, has shocked civil Partner and SVP members are disgusted. Party chief Albert Rösti (52) is still satisfied, as he says in the VIEW-Interview. the

of Course. The only party we don’t want any part of the contract with automatic Takeover of EU law. That is the Central message behind this poster. Much more brutal than our picture of what’s going on in the Background. A Plot. With the aim of the framework contract arrangements and to lead Switzerland into the EU.

Switzerland, it goes well, because we are free and safe. The freedom is in danger. Immigration is not slowed, and via the climate debate higher taxes should be introduced. Because it needs a clear visual language.
in The end I wear, as President, with the choice of head of the responsibility.

I would be incensed, especially if it leads me behind the light! And all Decisions in accordance with the elections postponed, as is now happening with the cohesion of a billion, or referendums, such as the mass immigration Initiative is not translating.

We need a comprehensible symbol image. Who agrees to the framework agreement …

Now, you listen to me for once!

I don’t put into your mouth.

Who is not a brake on immigration, the middle class fleecing wants to destroy Switzerland. The destroyed, the Switzerland, as, metaphorically speaking, worms in an Apple. This is the statement.

Our opponents make use of for every little thing the Nazi cudgel.

anyone Who works with the Nazi-Mace, makes a plea of guilty. By comparing a simple poster with the crimes of the Nazis. In addition, we want to get just the opposite of the Nazis, no roll-over, but the best of Switzerland.

I see, you listen to me. You know what a metaphor is, or not? A picture that carries a message, is not a parable! We equate anyone with worms. Again: What goes on behind the Scenes in the Federal government in Bern, is much, much worse than our campaign.

the home country, no one is! To talk straight! Who is responsible for the framework contract, and who is against? Now you want to say, not only after the election day.

In the spring of 2016 Albert Rösti (51) took over the SVP President Toni Brunner (44), the gave him a party in high form. However, the hash brown was of this success is not entirely innocent: Since 2011 in the national Council, served as campaign Manager for the 2015 elections, the SVP achieved a historical result. The studied agronomist, grew up as a farmer’s son in Kandersteg and now lives with his wife Therese and his two children in Uetendorf, BE. Since 2014 he is President of the commune.

no, this campaign is only now really.

Currently not.

fear, because of the vermin-posters the success of your candidate?
, The cantonal parties no longer benefit from the fact that one speaks now in Switzerland only about climate protection, but about what Switzerland is really in danger, namely a signature-ready agreement with the EU.

That each cantonal President does not like the visual language of the poster and that you will not say this publicly, in order not to endanger, perhaps, the cooperation with other cantonal parties, so I have no problems. It is never a Subject at all well. It is crucial that the party programme was adopted with the three core themes that we provide with the poster, unanimously.

no, I had to let cartoons that pertain to me personally, about my room and still with the Affected work.

I’m also the type that wants to win now at any cost this election for our country and for our freedom!

no, I don’t see any reason to do so.