The military Council had suspended the negotiations and urged the demonstrators to the in the past few days, erected road blockages dissolve in the capital, Khartoum. The protesters should break down the barricades, and only at the military headquarters to demonstrate, it was said.

another leader of the protest movement, Ahmed al-Rabie, has confirmed the interruption of the negotiations. The army had contacted the protesters and announced that it would return until after the resolution of the road closures to the negotiating table.

had Originally been set for Wednesday for further talks on the remaining outstanding points of the transitional government provided for. In the case of an attempt of the security forces to remove the barricades, but clashes with supporters of the Opposition. At least eight people were injured. Already on Monday had been killed in clashes that killed five civilians and a soldier.

On Monday, had agreed both sides on a joint government body, after the conversations had been for days. A new Council of military and civilian representatives to draw in a transitional phase, the fortunes of the country.

The army had a three-decades-long authoritarian ruling head of state, Omar al-Bashir, after months of mass protests on 11. April plunged. For a transitional period of two years initially, with a military Council was established. The protest movement saw in this body, however, a continuation of the government of al-Baschirs.