“The super talent” enters the next round. Starting on Saturday is again looking for the most spectacular and most extraordinary Talent of the year. Singer Sarah Lombardi for the first time to sit on the Jury. In addition to the familiar faces Dieter Bohlen (65) and Bruce Darnell (62) take place.

in the first episode, two Swiss will enter the stage. Niels Fluder (17) from St. Gallen and Raphael Koch (25) from Appenzell as a Duo. The artists are under the name of “Handstand-Brothers” known. The mixture of strength and Balance to bring the spectators to Marvel.

at The Moment operate, the two the Sport by the way. Raphael makes a training as a medical Masseur. Niels just finished school and wants to study something in the direction of medicine or sports.

“We applied for Fun,”

Without any expectations, have applied the two at the Show. “It is of interest to us, as everything is in real and how it looks behind the Scenes,” says the Duo. Nevertheless, you will also see the great advantages that the appearance in the TV show brings. “Of course, it is also an ideal advertising platform,” you confess.

to win never managed to acrobats, the “super talent”. Nevertheless, Fluder and chef’s chances of victory are counting on. “We think it well possible to win with an acrobatic number in the Show. The Reputation of the circus performances is severely increased.”

Whether the two have a round get stuck, see you on Saturday, 14. September from 20.15 clock on RTL!