At this point for a thought experiment. We look at wars, the last of the Balkans, and conflicts in this Region, but once the gender glasses. What we see then? This nationalism based wars and conflicts are mainly a men’s thing!

There were Serbian men who have raped thousands of defenseless Albanian girls and women. It Alba are mainly niche, corrupt men, the goings-on in Kosovo in the economic and social Ruin.

The Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic – a man announced in a speech his predecessor, Slobodan Milosevic, a “great Serbian leader, whose intentions were certainly good.”
What Milosevic’s intentions were, it is probably clear to everyone. No one can approve of such intentions, which lead them to pursue a certain ethnic group to torture and murder.
last but Not least, were Vucic and his male colleague Thaci, which came up with the crazy idea: we Divide Kosovo!

Against a ethno-territorial division was, by the way, especially a woman: German Chancellor Angela Merkel.
Maybe it all sounds the now something even feminist-radical. And Yes: of Course, most men in this world are quite peaceful …

And yet we Look even to Rwanda. Who has rebuilt after the terrible civil war the country again? Right.
It was the women.