At the media conference to the serious allegations of fraud, Loredana Zefi makes the journalists a clear: “Either you’re for me or against me.” Family go at her about everything. You would never betray your brother.

Zefi trying to make it as family – and value-conscious Albanian. But if the allegations and betrayed, together with her brother, the couple from the Canton of Valais to a total of 900 000 Swiss francs, this has – of course! – neither the Albanian nor the Swiss values something in common.

The truth is that A grosser violation of the Albanian Tradition of Loredana would have been able to Zefi not commit! The Albanian culture is familiar with the honor code of “Besa”. This means translated as much as “word of honor”. A promise must be kept! With your behavior Loredana is detrimental to the Reputation of all the Albanians in Switzerland.

The “Besa”of the code by the way, obliged to help people in Distress, and to protect you. So the Albanians have saved during the Second world war, all living in Albania Jews. Albania was the only occupied country in Europe after the Second world war, more Jews lived than in front of it. to make

Instead of Clan-slapstick, should Loredana reflect on such traditions.