As a Journalist, you will be contacted regularly by people who are in search of media attention. Also, company representatives will sign up with an “exclusive” Story – even those in the Business-to-Business-to-business and a high level of awareness not at all necessary. Most of the offered stories are but the only reason why “exclusive”, so in any other Medium, because they are for the General Public simply uninteresting. To the disappointment of the rejected input encoder to relieve, care to say I: “Be glad, when you not everyone knows. Then you will not be pulled through the Mud, if something goes wrong.”

The SBB to be tightened almost daily by the cocoa. Time because of trifles, because they really screwed up. For the SBB staff is not always nice. Not for the cleaning power. Not for the played a role in the urine. And also not for the top boss. Add to that criticism and praise are often unevenly distributed. The train reached nine Times in time the goal, claps, no one. He has the tenth Time, but five minutes late, there is a Twitter Storm.

Nobody likes to be criticized. This is understandable, and you can’t expect the SBB. Maybe it would be helpful if the SBB would not understand criticism as an attack, but as a suggestion to make it better. If people are upset over the SBB, which is always a sign that the car is on the heart. Thousands of other companies can dream of so much sympathy!