The summer Olympics will not. Japan and the IOC agreed to postpone

Prime Minister of Japan Shinzo Abe during a telephone conference with the head of the International Olympic Committee Thomas Bach expressed the view that the Olympic games should be moved. Bach agreed with the proposal. The IOC is preparing a formal decision.

As previously reported Вести.Ru the situation around the summer Games in 2020, which was held in July-August of this year, became very tense after several leading sporting Nations (USA, France, Canada, Australia, Brazil and others) decided not to send its team in Tokyo this summer.

the Japanese side to last wanted to keep the hope to host the competition in a timely manner, and officials of the IOC kept silent and prepared to address the issue until March 30. It is now clear that the Game will not take place within the deadline. The IOC and the organizing Committee of the “Tokyo 2020” have to make a decision on new dates of the Olympic events.