On Tuesday evening, the big celebrity-WG-Party goes in the next round of Wendler (47) and co. are ready to Sow let it out. The embossed star is not in the hands of his Laura (today 19) can also be in the second episode of the “RTLs” “the summer house of the Stars”, and now even others in your enjoyment. However, not all the relationship is so harmonious, as in the case of Wendler and Laura. The first game of the second sequence drives a deep wedge between the Zurich-born Elena Miras (27) and her muscle mountain Mike Overcast (27). And at the end of the first Pair of adopted already, on a voluntary basis.

Willi don’t want to

touch to play the beginning of the second episode of the Wendler again Horny Teenager with his Laura. This Time the 19-Year-old her “Schatzi on fires” even: “honey, you’re so beautiful. Fondle my buttocks,” says Laura Wendler, lying together on the small double-Decker bed. The Wendler trying to control himself – “the camera is staring” – but can’t resist a few more Butt-slap.

When the other residents come in, and Willi Herren (44) to a Pair over looks, asks the Wenlder: “do you Want a go?” Men’s declines with thanks, but his wife Jasmine finds clearer words. She describes in the Geständnisbox, as you will be easy to evil. “One more thing and then I forget myself.”

Elena and Mike: “F**k you!”

more sparks fly in “the summer house of the Star” few internally. In the first Challenge of the day, the men need to know Details about your ladies – what is the favorite position, or what you don’t like about yourself. The women sit under a hopper and get dumped at a wrong answer disgusting liquids over the head. For Elena Miras this little game seems to encourage, apparently, the doubt whether she has the Right to their side. Mike Serene messed up one question after another. “You’re so stupid!”, “How handicapped you can be!” “F**k you!”, subjecting the muscle to the head, while the roars with Laughter.

The Zurich-based Reality star is no longer a get even, and poisoned the jacks back in the Villa, against his heart. As Elena learns that Mike is defending you, as the other residents comments about their Angepisstheit blaspheme, she burst into tears. “You never protect me”, not accusing you, Mike, the thing apparently still quite so seriously. Well from experience, because the Diva from the river Limmat and gets a little later and forgives him.

Even more Butt-Groper

A Po provides once again for trouble in the celebrity-WG – this Time, it comes but almost to fisticuffs. The man of the “Otto”-actress Jessika Cardinahl (54), Quentin Parker (65), a Lewd and engages other women in the buttocks or makes allusions to it. Ex-American idol Finalist im Happy (31) is, in this respect, but it’s no Fun, and the Groper-to-speech: “Because of people like you, I was sitting in jail.” In the “RTL”-the Interview takes on Cheerful again position to its allegations of Quentin. To summarize “a woman in the ass, which is forbidden to us, because it is a criminal offence. You can bring as sexual harassment to the criminal complaint,” he says.

to the Extent that it shall not come but. Quentin apologizes on the one hand, half-heartedly – he had big hands. On the other hand, he and his wife will leave the house anyway, as you announce in the evening. “Because it is not possible for us, in this Situation, to be Playing the games and these people happy.” If you really miss someone?