Michael Wendler (47) provided in the “RTL”VIP-rent “summer home of the Stars” with a clumsy spell on Laura, (19) for excitement. The blow star was not able to leave in the second episode of the consignment, the hands of his beloved, and stroked her vigorously on the Butt. As Willi Herren (44) looked the Pair over, offered Wendler: “do you Want a go?” While men’s declined and his behavior is “borderline” took place, echauffierte his wife Jasmine about Wendlers spell, and said: “one more thing and then I forget myself.”

of course his Partner in any way before the”

“she’s not in love with the DJ”singer understands the excitement around the Butt-slap, and the spell to men at all. In an interview with “RTL” says Wendler, “Well, we here in the “summer home of the Stars” and, again, this is one of the largest Couple-Trash-Shows in German television. If you go in there, then one should be aware that it shows, of course, his Partner in any way.” And: “she said Yes all the time, she has nothing against it. You will find the beautiful that I caress your butt and don’t mind if any of the other knocks because the time on it.”

The pop star explains that she would have had no Problem with that, if gentlemen would be received in the offer. “Laura is not a stupid girl. Which says quite clearly what she wants and does not want to. It is not as influenced by me, but what you don’t want to, she says also,” says Wendler. “So, we don’t care what people say. We know what we want. We live our lives. We love each other and if one turns up in the nose, how we love or how we treat each other, then it is still not our private thing.”

“The offers the girl like a piece of meat!”

For viewers of “The summer home of the Stars” the scene is a total No-Go. In the case of Instagram, it rained after the airing of criticism. “I don’t understand is that “RTL” is looking like an aging, souped-up, would-be showing off the singer with his young lover,” wrote one User. “Tasteless, disgusting, and gross”, was a spectator of the incident. “Is really so naive and not realize that he shows you?” asks a User. “That’s not the point, the offers the girl like a piece of meat!”, so a spectator. (kad)