for Two weeks, Elena Miras (27) and Mike Overcast (27) against seven other celebrity couples have fought in the “summer home of the Stars”. At the end of the former “Love Island”-participants to enforce, and the price won money from the equivalent of 55’000 Swiss francs could. “Celebrity flash” betrayed you now what you do with the money.

“most definitely goes to Aylen. You should then decide if she is 18 what she wants to do with it,” explains the Zurich-born. With the Rest of the money you make on a family vacation.

Aylen is at the center of your life

For a year daughter Aylen (1) is the Pride of the small family. On Instagram, the Couple is always posting pictures with your sweetheart and write-hearted messages such as: “the Best family I can have.” Because of their occurrence in the summer house, the Couple received a lot of Negative comments, even Aylen has not been spared.

you understand only with Yeliz and John

Also in the summer house they made Mira’s Cheerful and enemies. Towards the end of the program she clashed more and more intense with Roland (48), and Steffi Bartsch (47). At the big reunion, the dispute escalated completely. The couples offended the Worst. Contact the winner of the shipment only with Yeliz Koc (25) and John Haller (31). (bsn)