Reality TV Star Elena Miras (27) polarized at the “summer home of the Stars” like no other. Some of the TV viewers had their anger against the Zurich-therefore no longer in the grip, as you “revealed image,” in an Interview. “On Instagram so much went from there. I was downright bullied and there were violent threats against Mike and me,” says Elena.

It went so far that she received death threats. “I always think, behind such comments, silence, fly on the wall, the dare, nothing else in life plug. But fear gets you, of course, still, when one reads something like that,” says the partner of Mike Overcast (27).

daughter, threatened

Something she has made, but Also the daughter Aylen (1) has not been spared from the haters like to profess. She says: “The worst thing was that a wanted to drown my daughter.”

tonight, it’s for Elena and treasure Mike on TV for the victory of the Trash-TV show – and the prize money of 55’000 Swiss francs. For your future after “The summer home of the Stars” has plans: “We want to be like a child. Aylen is not to get a sibling, alone, it’s so nice how with two children. Next year at the latest we want to.” (bnr)