The student wanted to impress her classmates and fell from the window

As it became known “MK”, the incident occurred on February 26. 13-year-old Sergey (names changed) in the morning at the school told his fellow classmates that he intends to surprise everyone and make the extreme jump from the window of the school. As special prowess Sergei was not previously distinguished, but rather, was a studious, quiet guy, no one took him seriously. He laughed and forgot. But the intentions of Sergei, as it turned out, was the most that neither is serious.

the Fifth lesson of the day children were geometry in the office on the third floor. The first 15 minutes the students wrote the test. After the completion was scheduled for the presentation of new topics, the teacher went to his Desk to prepare the necessary material. At this moment Sergei and asked for permission to open a window to class as stuffy. An unsuspecting teacher was allowed. In the next second the guy was gone in the window. According to another teacher, biology, and children who were in the office on the second floor, they saw Sergei almost slid down the wall, in every way trying to cling for anything. Apparently, he too was not happy with his foolishness. The boy landed on the hood of the school porch. The frightened teacher called the outfit “emergency”. Visiting doctors hospitalized him to a hospital in the capital, for this purpose was called a helicopter. Fortunately, the boy escaped with only a concussion and a broken leg.

According to relatives, Sergey has never made risky actions. Always calm, considerate guy studied on “4” and “5”. After the divorce of parents lived with mother and older brother.

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