Mr. Pardini, the SP is not able to form a clear opinion on the framework agreement. Why the twisting of your party at the most important political Dossier in such a way?
Corrado Pardini: the attitude of The SP is clear: A framework agreement that ensures the protection of Wages in question, is not portable, and in the people has no majority. All, now as Europe friends, especially the FDP, remove us from the EU, if the agreement at the ballot box fails. Instead of this framework, to agree to the contract, we will better equal to the EU or the EEA.

If anyone is concreted, then the neo-liberals. For example, the FDP. In the SP will be discussed. But those SPler, they want to bring us now to the neoliberal course, should look around in Europe: The social Democrats, who have abandoned the social question, are dead. Crucial the majority of the party. And says Yes to the protection of Wages, Yes to Europe.

We are realistic: We want to guarantee a framework contract with the free movement of persons, the independent accompanying measures. The present draft does not.

The proposal the Federal Council of the EU, is: are The accompanying measures need to be excluded from the agreement. Further, the issue of state aid must be clarified, then we also have the cantons on our side. And then we have a deal.

Why not? Wage protection in the EU is the big issue. And we offer something. The Federal Council is contrary to the European Union, the Union citizens Directive. This strengthens the rights of all.

Without the protection of Wages, all Swiss wages are coming into the Slip. Is the safe no to this framework agreement, in the interests of the country? My solution takes into account that the economy is in need of the Opening, and at the same time, the people will be protected from the pressure of market opening. We don’t want free-minded coup!

Because the foreign Minister, Cassis provoked him – in the hopes of grinding the accompanying measures. The majority in the Federal Council now needs to show Leadership and the EU finally have a solution of their own present. Whether Cassis and his Crew are able to do so, is to be judged according to their weak performance is difficult.

for Our President to talk with all of them. The FDP is divided. I venture the forecast that we will come to the elections very quickly to a solution.