climate change is yesterday’s News. With the greenhouse effect, researchers involved already in the early 19th century. Century. That man plays a role in this, too, was soon clear. Just to appreciated the follow happy: “The rise in CO2 will allow future people to live under a warmer sky,” wrote the Nobel prize winner Svante Arrhenius, 1895.

Today we know better. Thanks to science and computers, thanks to the clever heads and giant computing services that provide data connections. We know that we are on the verge of ruining our planet.

to the credit of the boys

But the Scary, Shameful, we have replaced long. There was the whole time, people, movements, parties have sounded the Alarm. Only one listened to them. Not even you listened to them.

it is different Now. Students go on the road, the whimsical girl Greta from Sweden inspired this one. The youth, the demands to law your right to a future, has made climate change a key topic. Not every Generation can claim a similar credit for.

Please no arrogance

the climate strikes too Naive to listen to, is also the world strange how the immediate end of our way of life. And, of course, there is little consistent, such as the VIEW survey shows demand Big and pinch in the Small. Save the world Yes, around the world jetting.

But it takes enormous arrogance or forgetfulness, to the youth standards around the ears to knock that one has never met. Who is among us without a climate of sin and inconsistency, cast the first stone.

in the World demos will be held on Friday Climate. VIEW takes this opportunity to report the whole week engrossed on climate change, the causes, the consequences and the doubts. And, of course, what each can do.