the star of the films “Ghostbusters” and “Honey, I shrunk the kids” Rick Moranis was the victim of an attack in new York. It is reported by CBS.

the Incident occurred Thursday morning, October 1. Unknown, dressed in a sweatshirt “I love new York”, came to 67-year-old actor hit him in the head and knocked to the ground. After that, he disappeared. Moranis went to the hospital with complaints of pain in the head, back and back of the thigh, and then the police.

Now the actor is at home and recovering from his injuries. Police are still searching for the suspect in the attack.

Nick Moranis was born in Canada. Most known for his work in the band’s “Ghost Hunters” and the trilogy of “Honey I shrunk the kids”. In 1997, he left the cinema, to devote himself to the education of children. However, recently the actor has appeared in a joint promotional video with Ryan Reynoldson.

In early June, American actor John Cusack, best known for major roles in such films as “1408”, “Intuition” and “2012”, said that he attacked police officers in Chicago.