The storm turned houses on the shore of lake Erie to ice sculptures (PHOTOS, VIDEO)

Hamburg, new York, 28 Feb-2020 Hamburg, new York, February 28, 2020
WGRZ-TV / YouTube

last week in the Northern half of the U.S. state of new York collapsed element. In some areas, because of the “snow lake effect” dropped a huge amount of snow in Jefferson County the snow has increased by more than 1,2 m. on lakes Erie and Ontario raged a violent storm with high waves and wind gusts over 95 km/h.

due to such weather conditions, the water falling on the shore, instantly froze. As a result, under a thick layer of ice was at home in Hamburg, located on the shores of lake Erie. Its thickness is, for some buildings over 90 cm, according to AccuWeather.

As told by CNN’s ed MIS living in Hamburg last 8 years, previously in the area, there were also problems with icing during storms, but so bad was never. The thickness of the ice on his house is a few tens of cm, and the coating of ice on the backyard exceeds 3.5 m. According to him, now became warmer, and residents fear that the buildings may collapse under the weight of ice and water. He hoped that the Governor of the state impose a state of emergency here.

Capture amazing phenomenon to the affected area rushed a lot of onlookers. Local police warn them that the ice on the banks is extremely dangerous and unstable. In addition, the number of Parking spaces there are limited. In the case of entry birches permission on the territory of private property, the violator may be arrested.

we will Remind, a year earlier, with similar consequences in the state of new York has faced the inhabitants of the village of Ramona beach on lake Ontario. The height of the waves reached 9 metroin, and the gusts of 130 km/h Then the house were covered meter layer of ice. The reason for such unexpected consequences of the disaster could be the water level in the lake is approximately 30 cm greater than the average for this time of year.

“Ice sculptures” in Hamburg, from 27 to 29 February 2020:

I just took this video & I can’t believe my eyes… this is what homes look like at Hoover Beach after yesterday’s winter storm. The ice covering these homes is estimated to be between 1 to 3 feet thick. Residents here have never seen it this bad before. #StormTeam2 #wnywx #nywx

— Elyse Smith (@ElyseSmithWX) February 28, 2020

Yikes! My friends frozen home Hoover Beach in Hamburg, NY!!! He’s fine… his house… is pretty “cool!” @WGRZ

— Scott Levin (@ScottLevinTV) February 28, 2020