The status of the victorious powers can in the Constitution

Russian President Vladimir Putin called a good idea to enshrine in the Constitution the status of Russia as the victorious countries in world war II. He stated this during a meeting with the working group on preparation of proposals on introducing amendments to the Constitution. The live broadcast is channel “Russia 24”.

“whether it’s in the Constitution be noted and, if necessary, then where is the need to reflect. The idea itself is, of course, good,” he said.

the initiative was made by Senator Alexei Pushkov. He noted that the preambles to the constitutions of many of the fixed “basic value orientations of the country and nation”. It is therefore important to enshrine in our basic law the status of Russia as a victorious power.

Also Pushkov drew attention to the danger of attempts to distort the history of war. The head of state said that he shared his position. He stressed that attempts to rewrite history are harmful and have a certain subtext — “they are designed for today and tomorrow”.

the President reminded that the Nazis planned to almost completely destroy the inhabitants of the Soviet Union: a small part of the population to leave as slave labor, and the rest to send to the North to extinction. “We would just nobody. Here, we must not forget never, and that is why we will always be grateful to those who this Victory for us is mined”, — said Putin. According to the head of the state, the movement “Immortal regiment”, which proves how deep in our hearts gratitude to the winners and understanding of the importance of the Victory.