The state examinations in universities can partly be moved to online

We carefully analyzed how to organize the final assessment, the Minister told Valery Falkov. There are of externship – a key element of the educational process, and many of them cannot be transferred to online. Besides, the final examination is a very serious moment in the formation of personality of the graduate.

Students, teachers will read the practice for observation on the exam

According to Falkova, it is now necessary to determine in what cases can fully translate the exam into remote mode and when to use a mixed format with all precautions. By the way, some universities have moved to later dates exams from course to course.

the Changes and wait for those who are just planning to do. The Ministry of education is now in pilot mode fulfills the new service “go to College online.”

45 percent of the students went home. But the universities are not in a hurry to close the hostel: the ability to leave is not at all

– the Main innovation: using portal Services, you can send documents to the University and to come, – said the Minister. It was originally planned that this year the service will be “reduced” functionality, covering a total of 50 universities, but given the current situation it is quite possible that universities will be more. Each campaign will be officially launched on June 20.

– See how you can use this tool to minimize the physical presence of students and academic staff in the selection Committee, said Falkov.

we should Not forget about the foreign students. How to welcome guys from abroad? What about those universities that in addition to the exam spend their additional creative examinations? Worked out these issues.

– with regard to additional creative tests, it is July, so we still have time to analyze the situation and take appropriate decisions, – said the Minister.

Photo: iStock How to organize a school student on udalenke

To date, all the universities under the Ministry, moved to udalenku. Only in Russia the such 80 percent. Despite the fact that most universities in General have arisen with these serious problems, the weaknesses are still there. “It information infrastructure, somewhere- the teachers, somewhere- insufficient communication channels, – said Valeriy Falkov. – We asked for support in the Ministry of communications and promptly solved the issues. About 20 universities have received such aid”.

And what about hostels? They emptied about half. The students decided to go home and learn from there. But to close the hostel universities do not hurry to leave, especially financial, is not at all. Foreigners in General here on a special position.

– We recommend to all HEIs, with due attention to this issue, the Minister said.

it is Important that from the beginning of the transition to distance learning works “a hot line” Ministry of education – experts advise on any issues. So, today it is more than 500 cases, 30-50 a day. Mostly technical questions, someone hung the system, someone cannot connect to the platform. This is not surprising – the load on the network in recent days enormous. There are questions at the launch of the online courses.

– the Whole educational process we can’t take online courses, for objective reasons, – said Valeriy Falkov. So it is important to give an opportunity for all teachers to be absorbed in a new situation and to give tools for communication with students.