The state examinations in universities can partly be moved to online

We carefully analyzed how to organize the final assessment, the Minister stressed. There are of externship – a key element of the educational process, and part of these practices cannot be transferred online. Besides, the final assessment is a very significant moment in shaping the personality of the graduate.

Photo: Alexander Korolkov Why study in online courses in isolation

According to Falkova, it is now necessary to determine in what cases can fully translate the exam into remote mode and when to use the mixed format, with all precautions.

To date, all the universities under the Ministry, moved to the “udalenka” and in Russia as a whole such 80 percent. Moreover, almost half of the students living in hostels, I decided to go home and learn from there. But to close the hostels of the universities are not in a hurry – the opportunity to go, primarily financial, is not at all.