The state Duma will decide what to do with bars in residential buildings

The regional authorities will be able to limit the time of the sale and drinking of alcohol in bars and restaurants located in residential buildings and adjacent territories, up to a total ban. At the Federal level will have a minimum floor area of such establishments — not less than 20 square meters, but regional authorities are entitled to increase the lower limit at local level. It says in the bill that the state Duma plans to consider on April 17 in the second and third reading.

The author of the initiative of the Deputy of the state Duma from “United Russia” Alexander Khinshtein, who believes that it is necessary to deal with the so-called “Nalivaiko” on the first floors of apartment buildings where there is a sale of alcohol at night. Such places are often the people complain.

From 2017, when the authority for regulation of food service establishments passed at the Federal level, the number of such institutions grew at 70% per year. Today their number is estimated at about 1500 points.

The document States that the trading hours of alcohol and its use in cafes, bars, restaurants and other catering facilities that are located in residential apartment houses or near them, will be limited from 23:00 until 8:00. Now this is a limitation of retail stores. However, the regional authorities will have the right to toughen that rule and even completely ban the sale of alcohol in such establishments.