The state Duma simplifies the obtaining of social support for families with children

the Document was adopted in pursuance of an order of the President of the Federal Assembly on 15 January. Speech on the introduction of monthly payments for children aged three to seven years inclusive from 1 January 2020. They have to be available to families whose income does not exceed one of the minimum subsistence level per person. Moreover, this procedure should be as convenient and easy for citizens, instructed Vladimir Putin.

the Bill allows this to be done, explained to journalists the Chairman of the state Duma Vyacheslav Volodin. To receive payments, he said, will not need to collect many documents, it is enough to apply.

Photo: iStock the Certificate on matkapital family will receive automatically

Thanks to bill, the social welfare agencies will be able in the framework of the interdepartmental exchange to obtain from FTS data on incomes with assistance. Thus, a ban on the disclosure of such information.

Another provision of the bill removes the limit of $ 1 million in respect of compensation payments for medical and teaching staff in the state program “Zemsky doctor” and “rural teacher.”

Payments will now be exempted from personal income tax, regardless of their size.

the Amendment will save Zemstvo Zemstvo doctors and teachers, decided to work in the far East, in the far North and remote areas need to pay personal income tax on the portion of compensation that exceeds one million roubles, – said Vyacheslav Volodin.