The state Duma next week will pass a law on Putin's initiatives

– We expect that on Tuesday the bills will be submitted in the first reading, he noted, adding that a final adoption is expected before the end of the week.

Photo: Mikhail Klimentyev/TASS Putin signed the decree about holidays

– In this case, all the decisions yesterday, the President announced will be implemented next week in the form of laws, – said Volodin.

Sounded by the President initiatives in his words, aimed at the protection of citizens, support of the business community, addressing issues of taxation, support of regional budgets.

According to Volodin, a consensus on the proposals among all political factions. The relevant committees have already begun to discuss the initiatives, said the head of the lower house.

the sooner People will begin to receive payments on the children, and if the situation will develop, you will be able to defer payment of the loan – cited examples Volodin.

Photo: RIA Novosti Putin instructed to reduce the rate of insurance contributions

Earlier – right after Putin’s appeal – speaker noted that the head of state proposed a complex system of measures that will protect the most vulnerable citizens. Namely, pensioners, veterans of the great Patriotic war, families with children, those who find themselves in difficult life circumstances or illness, as well as small and medium business.

the Head of state, in particular, proposed to establish an automatic extension of 6 months all social benefits without providing any additional information and walking the chain of command. Families have the right to the matkapital, will receive an additional 5 thousand rubles for each child up to 3 years in the next 3 months. A family entitled to payments for children aged 3 to 7 years inclusive, will receive them, not in July as planned, and a month earlier in June.

Photo: iStock Output abroad dividends will impose a tax of 15%

Payments for the 75th anniversary of the great Victory the veterans and home front workers, 75 and 50 thousand rubles respectively will be implemented earlier in April.

the President also announced measures to support those who were injured or lost their jobs. He proposed to establish a rule: the payment of hospital should be calculated based on the amount of not less than 1 minimum wage per month (the bill previously received in GD). Also Vladimir Putin proposed to increase to the level of the minimum wage, that is, until 12130 rubles, unemployment benefits.

Among the proposals also enter holidays as consumer and mortgage loans and to include a range of measures to support small and medium-sized businesses.