In the state Duma told about the planned conversation with the head of the Russian Bureau of Bloomberg on the topic of Agency of struggle against coronavirus in Russia.

the Conversation in an online format announced by first Deputy Chairman of the faction “United Russia” in the state Duma of Adalbi Shhagoshev. According to him, he received a consent to the conversation from the head of the office of news Agency Bloomberg in Russia, Torrey Clark-Shirnina.

Previously, the Agency reported a small number of hospital beds in Russia for patients with coronavirus, citing alleged world Bank data for 2013. However, later the Russian Embassy in the United States led the actual link to the information organization, which is actually the opposite of the data.

“Almost all over the world recognized that the situation in Russia is developing in a favorable scenario, and the appearance of such articles overreacting, noted Shhagoshev, quoted by RIA Novosti. And if in conversation, you can clarify why this happens, why not?”.

According to him, the interviewee has responded adequately to the suggestion and videoconference agreed to meet. “Our mission does not consist in mutual accusations, we want reciprocity in order to exclude such nuances in the future,” the MP said.