The state Duma has proposed to change the order of calculation of payment for utilities

the authors of the document indicate that the standards of consumption of municipal services for which a fee is charged in the absence of meters, are now allowed to define one of two ways – by way of analog or calculated method. Analogues of the method determines the volume of consumption taking into account the actual consumption of such services in similar houses equipped with meters. Take into account houses with similar constructive and technical parametres, degree of an accomplishment and in the same climate. This method, according to developers of amendments, is “the most transparent” and can significantly overstate the amount of consumption.

Photo: press-service of administration of the Volgograd region Volgograd veterans will be exempt from paying for utility services

Despite the fact that the rules determining the ratios set priority of the method of analogues, it is still not a mandatory requirement. As noted by the initiators of the amendments, the definition of standards is often used calculation method even if was possible the application of the method of analogues. The residents through the courts subsequently sought withdrawal of standards, designed in such a way, but they have to pay the inflated fee the whole period of the trials.

In this regard, it is proposed to install in the LCD that the standards should only be calculated by the method of analogues. And not take into account data on consumption in similar houses, that is, to determine the standards calculation method will be allowed only if such houses do not exist in principle.