The state Duma approved amendments to the budget in connection with the Message of the President

the social measures proposed in the President’s Message, three years plans to spend 4.6 trillion rubles, said Finance Minister Anton Siluanov. Thus the total additional costs to implement these initiatives during the given period is estimated at 2 trillion rubles, said the Chairman of the state Duma Vyacheslav Volodin.

These funds, in particular, necessary for the payment of child benefits to families with children from three to seven years. Payments will be able to families whose monthly income per person is below the subsistence minimum established in the region.

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in addition, it is necessary to Finance the expansion program of the parent capital to families where the first child was born, and the increase in 150 thousand roubles, payments for the birth of second or subsequent children.

Funds will be used for the organization of free hot meals for primary school pupils. With the support from the Federal budget to them every year will provide about 7 million elementary school students.

this year school teachers will begin receiving a special allowance for classroom management (this will affect more than 800 thousand people), and the regions will give a grant to create additional school places. Funds due to the new amendments will also modernize primary health care and to increase admission to the budget places in higher education for scarce specialties.

compared to previous years, the government and the state Duma much earlier adjust the main parameters of the current budget. Usually the first changes were made after the evaluation of the execution of the document in the first quarter, closer to the end of the spring session of the state Duma.

Efficiency is necessary in order to get Rrealizovati the whole package of social initiatives of the message of the President of the Russian Federation, – said the head of the lower house – many of the social measures in force and, accordingly, should be financed from 1 January this year.

Anton Siluanov assured that everything is being done to ensure that the resources for the given Vladimir Putin’s task has been brought to their recipients as quickly as possible. According to him, the measures contained in the Message is critical to meeting national goals and development objectives. First and foremost, in the field of demography and poverty, said the Minister.

In the framework of the bill under consideration is allocated to support the ten regions with the low level of socio-economic development. It Adygeya, Altai, Kalmykia, Karelia, Mari El, Tyva, Chuvash Republic, Altai Krai, Kurgan and Pskov region. We are talking about the allocation of these entities 10 billion annually from 2020 to 2022.

Photo: Dmitry Astakhov / RIA Novosti Cabinet in the preparation of the budget will be to carefully analyze all the risks

And for the second reading of the bill on the budget the state Duma will define five regions that are to become the drivers of economic development of the country, but have a problem of population decline. In his ruling, the Duma “will label these major regions from which much depends,” said Vyacheslav Volodin at the meeting. Anton Siluanov expressed the readiness to prepare proposals for such entities of the Federation.

meanwhile, according to the Ministry of Finance, the financial stability of the Russian regions is at the highest level in the last ten years. And, despite significantly rising costs, the Federal budget remains balanced due to the simultaneous increase of dkodow. The budget surplus remains at the previously planned level of 0.8% of GDP in 2020 (928 billion rubles). In 2021 and 2022, the budget surplus increased to 0.6% and 0.3% of GDP respectively. The fact that the amendments to the budget assume additional income – in particular, oil and gas.