The state Department took over the Chinese journalists

Washington dramatically reduces the number of Chinese who are allowed to work in the us Bureau of a large Chinese state media, in response to “harassment and intimidation” by the Beijing American journalists.

“Our goal is reciprocity, — said U.S. Secretary of state Michael Pompeo. — As in other areas of U.S.-China relations, we strive to create long-overdue equal conditions. We hope that these actions will encourage Beijing to adopt a more equitable and reciprocal approach to our and other foreign press in China”.

the state Department — a reaction to the cancellation by Beijing of visas for three reporters of the Wall Street Journal in February. And it happened after the newspaper refused to apologize for editorials. In the title of one of them, Beijing saw a reference to the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries when China was often under the yoke of foreign countries.

However, American officials said they did not believe the incident with the magazine the main reason for the new restrictions.

Actions of the American authorities, which were announced on 2 March, focused on 5 organizations that the administration believes trump propaganda arms of the Chinese government. The restrictions are expected to reduce the number of their Chinese employees based in the United States, from the current 160 to about 100.

“Institute of personnel limitations,” as he called these measures, the Department of state applies to the state news Agency Xinhua, China global television network (CGTN), Chinese “Radio International”, China Daily, and Hai Tian Development USA.