The former management of the failed savings bank was acquitted in the court of appeal. Now parts of the case appealed.

The state company Financial Stability, has decided to appeal, the Vestre high court the acquittal of the former director of the Løkken Sparekasse to the Supreme court.

this was stated by The Financial Stability board on Thursday in a press release.

The north savings bank cracked ten years ago.

In a legal inquiry commissioned by the Financial Stability board stated, among other things, to the collapse of the savings bank was due to a high risk profile and inadequate credit management.

the savings bank decided to throw himself in the very large loans without having a kreditorganisation and kreditsagsbehandling, which could handle the loans, it said.

Since the financial crisis broke out in 2008, ended the savings bank to lose large sums of money on the loans.

the Financial Stability brought a case against the former director, chairmanship of the management board and the external audit in the Loop Savings bank with a claim of 275 million crowns.

But the 28. February was all the defendants acquitted in the Vestre Landsret.

After that have examined in depth judgment, the Financial Stability board decided to appeal parts of the to the Supreme court.

the Assessment is that the judgment raises questions of principle relating to the scope of a director’s liability for “inadequate kreditopfølgning and errors and omissions in the kreditorganisationen”.

In court, said the defendant, that in connection with each lånebevilling was kundemapper, which contained significant information about the customers.

Kundemapperne was not presented during the attitude taken. This is because, according to the Financial Stability, to kundemapperne not available.

Therefore, will the Financial Stability also have, that the Supreme court must determine to what extent the lack of kundemapper have importance for the evidence in the case.

the Appeal includes only sparekassens former director, demanding 50 million dollars in connection with three of the bank’s exposures to Danish Soil ApS, Gl. Kongevej 33, and H. J. henriksen’s Way 12.

After consulting with the lawyers believe the Financial Stability that there is the greatest chance that the Supreme court will reach a different result than the court of appeal for the three exposures are concerned.

the Acquittal of the chairmanship of the management board and the external auditor the subject of the appeal does not and is, therefore, at the power.