1. Stars rake in hundreds of millions

the Star running back Ezekiel Elliott from creams just before the start of the season properly. He has a strike the entire process of preparing for a salary increase, and now Jerry Jones (76), stone gave way to a rich owner of the Dallas Cowboys. The Texan Oil-billionaire equips his ball carrier with a new Mega-contract. Elliott’s signing for six years and can collect it with all the bonuses US $ 90 million. Counting the two years remaining duration of his old contract, he can even come to 103 million.

Also, Jared Goff, Quarterback of the Los Angeles Rams, has recently a much thicker wallet: He extended in last year’s Super Bowl participants for four years and receives a guaranteed 110 million, in total, he can reach 134 million once.

2. Rich? Yes. Bankruptcy? Maybe.

Have Elliott and Goff now? If you don’t do stupid: Yes, logical. The Football-professional, in itself, tends, however, apparently to spend his money unnecessarily. “Sports Illustrated”, calculated in 2009 that 78 percent of all NFL players come in the two years after their resignation in serious Geldnöte.

bankruptcy is not going to go all: Around 16 percent of all Ex-NFL players were reported, according to a survey by the National Bureau for Economic Research in 2015, in the twelve years after the end of the bankruptcy. The reasons for this are: false friends, false investment, no experience in dealing with money.

finally, veteran Adrian Peterson made headlines, when he landed, despite 99 million in career revenue due to debts in million height before the court. In the beginning of the season, he plays for 2.5 million for Washington.

3. Brown: buses, cold feet, and a helmet

Superstar Receiver Antonio Brown (31) of the Oakland Raiders refused to a large part of the preparatory training, because he’s not allowed to wear it since this summer, his preferred helmet-model – for safety reasons.

With two formal complaints to the best pass catcher of the last five years flashed in the League, now he seems to have a helmet found that is acceptable to him.

Also, on another Front, made the “talk” from him: He added his feet in a cold chamber in such a bad frostbite that he if he was would have been able to train because of the helmet, because of its pain foot soles and not in the full possession of his powers.

The receipt is now: 54’000 US-Dollar buses must wages Brown to the Raiders. With a year wage of $ 16.7 million is able to afford. If he didn’t blow the money.

4. Pain large: lightning-withdrawal!

Indianapolis-Quarterback Andrew Luck, a once-acclaimed Mega-Talent, finished a few days before his 30. Birthday his career. To big is the pain on the injured ankle. “To be able to my life in the future, as I want to, can Football be a part of it,” says Luck. He’s stuck in a cycle of injury, pain and rehab.

Luck had suffered in recent years, a succession of serious injuries. “I’m tired, and not just in physical terms.” He now omits a lot of money: According to Colts owner Jim Before he could have his career over the course of up to 500 million in cash. Cynics like money now, he can’t lose now, after all, say:.

5. Kaepernick sits further out.

Quarterback Colin Kaepernick (31) may not always still be in the game. After his knee-Protest against police violence and racism and the subsequent “son of a bitch”-attacks by the future US President Donald Trump, the former 49ers-Passer for two years without a Team. Even if he would of find: Very questionable whether he can reach after two full years of hiatus once again in the best League in the world, the necessary level of performance.

The icon of the civil rights activist has become Kaepernick yet. And he has proved that political Engagement can pay off in the Mainstream: Since he advertises for a sports article manufacturer, Nike, have jumped the shares, contrary to all fears dramatically up – despite angry protests from the conservative camp. Trump has spoken out, and by the way, the last to give Kaepernick a Job again. More hypocrisy is hardly.

6. Brady for the title

Tom Brady (42) did not play long enough. The six-time Super Bowl winner plays and plays and plays. Thanks to the ultra-healthy Lifestyle, hard training methods and lots of Avocados. With his New England Patriots it is this season favorite for the title, if at the 2. February 2020, the Super Bowl is in the offing. Excellent opportunities for Kansas City, New Orleans and the Los Angeles Rams.

7. The Browns make the bookies tremble

for Years, the Cleveland Browns were the doormat of the League. Suddenly, they are a serious Playoff candidate. Thanks to the Quarterback-Shooting Star Baker Mayfield, some masses Receiver Odell Beckham Jr crazy., a good running game and a solid defense, the Team of Coach Freddie Kitchens is likely to win for the first time since 2007, more games than you lose.

Even the Super Bowl-secret favorites you have become: According to “ESPN” were handed in to bookmakers “William Hill” and “MGM” more bets on the Browns than other teams. This could be expensive. “We are strangled if the Browns win the Super Bowl,” said Matthew Chaprales of “PointsBet”.