look forever young, most of them dream of. When the first wrinkle or gray hair popping up, the question immediately arises: What can I do against the Older? Not much, because it is a natural process that nobody can escape.

However, Stars such as Jennifer Aniston (50) seem to be Older somehow defy. Wrinkles have remained the Stars of Hollywood, only a few, the skin looks fresh and young. If you have all from a secret fountain of youth to drink, or of Beauty has helped Doc explains the beauty surgeon and founder of the Lucerne Clinic Jürg Häcki (45).

In the age the skin becomes thinner

Dr. Häcki takes Jennifer Lopez (49), Catherine Zeta-Jones (49), Renée Zellweger (49), Cate Blanchett (49), Gwen Stefani (49) and Jennifer Aniston under the magnifying glass. “You look much younger than they are in reality. These ladies have a lot invested in their beauty,” Dr. Häcki sure. Because, actually, it is quite natural that in old age, skin quality suffers. Because the skin becomes thinner and sagging, wrinkles become visible.

Already with Make-up can be a lot of help. Dr. Häcki suspected, however, due to his many years of experience and the latest photos of the Stars that even natural beauty, Aniston would be a massive look older, wouldn’t it have helped a little.

Aniston and Zellweger received no Facelift

“the quality of The skin of Aniston is very good and your neck looks taut”, recognizes the specialist in plastic surgery. His guess: The 50-Year-old used a nerve-paralyzing substance in the upper facial area. In addition, the cheeks and the nasolabial folds are wrinkles that run from the upper end of the nose wings to corner of mouth, with hyaluronic acid been filled.

According to Dr. Häcki also pretty snub nose, the actress has experienced a correction. A face-lift didn’t get Aniston. “But she certainly started early with Peeling and laser treatments.”

Aniston is also an actress Zellweger have no face lifting, Dr. Häcki. “You probably hyaluronic acid or autologous fat in the middle and lower face, but it was used and in the lips.” Dr. Häcki suspected, a treatment with nerve toxin for wrinkle prevention on your eyebrows and the tightening of the upper eyelids.

neck, sagging face skin

In the case of Cate Blanchett, the sagging neck immediately catches the eye. Your chin contour, however, is surprisingly good. “She has probably made a face, tightening thread lifting with hyaluronic acid help,” says Dr. Häcki. In addition, your lips were definitely plumped up.

The difference from neck to face you can see in Jennifer Lopez. Dr. Häcki is convinced that the Superstar brings to the table as a Latina, good genes, but a neurotoxin in the cheeks and upper face area. He doesn’t suspect a liposuction on the neck and a rhinoplasty: “The nose is almost too perfect to be natural.”

When Gwen Stefani Filler were used

it is Different in the case of Catherine Zeta-Jones. The actress acting is rigid, you know, the poor skin quality. “Filler and neurotoxin came definitely to the application, maybe even a Mini-Facelift,” says the plastic surgeon.

Absolute top rider is Gwen Stefani. The singer looks really young and has a lot to do: “Stefani has Filler in the cheeks, lips, and eyebrows. However, all of the scars of acne.”

A healthy lifestyle is the A and O

in Addition to important vitamins is a lot of sleep, little alcohol, no nicotine, a healthy diet and a lot of sports for the eternal youth required. “A healthy lifestyle is essential,” says Dr. Häcki. In addition, regular exfoliation treatments are applied as prophylaxis against pigment spots. In addition, a nerve-paralyzing substance may help against wrinkles, however, recommends Dr. Häcki: “Less is more.”