The death of Kishaandth B.* (†21) is hard to beat in futility: Unknown stabs the young Tamils in the summer of 2017, as this is sitting on the outer seats of the Starbucks in the St. Gallen city centre (VIEW reported).

The grief over the loss of his son has not let go of father, Murugan, B.* (54) until today: “I can’t understand. He was so happy. Maybe a Star would be from him!”

A Shrine similar to that placed in the living room of the family, trophies, medals and commemorative photos. Kishaandth, the all friends Kishi called, was a gifted footballer.

Kishi B. fell a Maniac to the victim

According to a Baker administration in St. Gallen, he worked in Migros from Teufen AR. The young man stood with both feet firmly in life.

Until the fateful 4. August 2017. “On this day, a murderer has made our family broken. All I ask is that this man receives a fair punishment!” Murugan says to LOOK.

the schizophrenic A. V.* (44) that is pedaled with the bike and a pocket knife in the city, to kill one person is Meant.

The order for his insane Mission want to Miss, a trained precision mechanic of Ex-and worried mothers. This would have given him his target, a seller of brutal Sexporno Videos, exactly as described.

“He belongs in jail. For life!”

for Hours V. holds in the result of the look-out to find a suitable victim. That’s exactly what he is until Kishi B. continues to 17.36 watch with a friend in front of the Starbucks.

After a toilet visit, the making of the Killer proceeds to act: With the knife in the Hand V. falls A. Kishi, and stands out with tremendous force several times in the neck and torso. Only when a Passer-by missed a Foot, lets the attacker from his victim.

Four days after the attack, Kishi B. dies of a circulatory shock. “This man is dangerous. He belongs in jail. The best life”, calls for Kishis father, Murugan. g.

offender is not according to the report, debt-to-able

But that is unlikely to happen: The murder of Kishi should remain unpunished! Because this was, according to the report, in the delusion, and was therefore at the time of the offence not criminally.

A. V. to suffer, since 2008, to paranoid schizophrenia, to have worse prior to the attack. Now, the St. Gallen public Prosecutor’s office of the County court requested that the “innocent of committing murder”.

In the on the 9. May hearing set down to order the justice for the attackers of a in-patient therapeutic measure. The father is outraged: “no one has stopped him, before he killed my Kishi. Now they want to send him to therapy and back out. I can’t accept that!”

the head of the worker’s family appealed to the judge: “Kishi deserves justice. Let my son’s killer will not remain unpunished.”