The star of the show Dom 2 disappeared

For more than six months Aleksandr Gobozov, star of the reality show “Dom-2”, does not leave anyone on the link.

His mother appealed to the participants of “Battle of psychics” with the request to find out what happened with his son and if he’s alive at all. She remembered that Gobozov took someone 300 thousand rubles for the design of the house.

“Sasha went missing a few months ago. He’s been in touch, saying that it was not looking, and he’ll be back when I need you. Maybe its in some kind of bondage driven?”, – quoted StarHit women.

Clairvoyants have confirmed that the case – in the financial issues of Alexander.

Gobozov ill got into some kind of monetary Scam, as a result got huge debts which now are not able to pay. And forced into hiding.

Hides, according to psychics, it’s somewhere on someone’s dachas. But the situation, as they feel very bad and dangerous.

As previously wrote “the Rambler”, a former member of the popular electroni Alexander Gobozov returned to the project for the new girls — young models Katie Zinovyeva.