Russian actor Fyodor Dobronravov has compared the current situation with coronavirus with a dashing “90-e”. It turned out that the isolation hit hard by it and the proceeds going to quarantine all of his projects were frozen. Anyway, the actor stoically took the forced pause.

Showman said that even in the 90 years the theater “Satyricon”, where he played, was always full — then all worked tirelessly, but there was no money. Now the situation is also difficult, but the other — because many people simply can’t work.

“In 90-e years it worked, and there was no money, and now no one is working. Therefore, quarantine is a necessary measure. It’s actually an accident, which can neither discuss nor predict. Now all my projects were frozen. Although still alive, you never know. What else is there gradation”, — said Dobronravov journalists portal

Earlier it became known that the “Matchmakers”, where he starred Fedor, entered the list of the most popular TV shows in Russia during the regime of isolation. According to Dobronravov, the secret of such popularity with viewers is in the kindness. It was planned that the seventh season of the series will be released in the end of this year.