Employees "Grodno Azot" staged a rally in the city, reports Sputnik of Belarus.

"Employees "Grodno Azot" he went on Lenin square, stood the buildings of the Executive Committee and the Executive Committee. Here they were joined by several dozen protesters – members of the daily peace action in white", – stated in the message.

Writes Sputnik of Belarus, and then the procession went to the Soviet square. On the road Grodno chanted various slogans. The Soviet stopped in front of the Church and the prison to support prisoners on the crackdown of peaceful demonstrations of citizens. Chanted "Release!" and "Hold on!". Then the demonstrators proceeded along the Avenue of Cosmonauts in the direction of "Grodno Azot".

Mass protests began across Belarus on 9 August, after the presidential election, won by incumbent President Alexander Lukashenko, according to the CEC, he scored 80,08% of the vote. Sunday’s unsanctioned rally continues, but they harshly suppressed by the security forces. Against protesters, the law enforcement officers used tear gas, water cannons, stun grenades, and rubber bullets. As reported, the interior Ministry, during the riots one person was killed, he tried to throw an unidentified explosive device in the direction of law enforcement.