First premiere – September 8, the Day of memory of victims of blockade of Leningrad. The performance of “the Firebird. Songs about the war” timed to the 75th anniversary of the Victory, will release his Director Philipp Razenkov, laureate of the prize “Golden mask” in the year 2019. (for the performance “Roman holiday”, Novosibirsk). In the first part performance will be presented to a sentimental poem by Gennady Alekseev, music by Alexander Kolker’s “the Firebird”, and the second will feature frontline songs and songs about the war. Musical Director and conductor – honoured artist of Russia Andrey Alekseev.

the Show will be held online. By the way, the first part of the future of the show was performed on 9 may: soloists of the theatre read the poem online while in isolation.

Then the theatre will continue to prepare for the production of the musical by French composer Claude-Michel schönberg’s “Miss Saigon”. Staging works, an international team led by the Director of the Russian version of the legendary musical “Tanz der vampire” by Cornelius Baltusom (Holland). As reported in the theater, especially in order to convey the national color, a multistage casting was assembled the strongest lineup of artists, many of whom first appear before the St. Petersburg audience. Unique design for the Russian version of the musical came up with Japanese artist Yoko Seam, and costumes created the famous artist KENTAUR (Hungary), author of the visual solutions of the musical “Tanz der vampire”. Choreographer – Vanni Viscusi (Italy).

“Miss Saigon” does not descend from the stage of the best theatres of the world more than thirty years, and in Russia yet did not put. The creation of the musical authors were inspired by the Puccini Opera “Madame butterfly”.

– This will be a unique performance, especially for musical Comedy Theater in Saint-Petersburg, – stressed the Director. I want to focus on the story of true love between a young Vietnamese girl and an American soldier, and about sacrificial love mother to son. My “Miss Saigon” is the story about the power of love and about the tragic fate of this beautiful, innocent, trusting, young creatures. Of course, powerful music and wonderful libretto will remain unchanged. But in our show we use a completely new visual concept and introduce unusual mythological characters to heighten the drama component in the development of the story.

For 2021 theatre has planned two large-scale premiere: operetta Austro-Hungarian composer Franz lehár’s “Frasquita” directed by KERO (Hungary) and the musical John Kander “Cabaret”, a performance staged by Italian Director and choreographer Giorgio Madia. In the Theater of the Musecal Comedy Midian released in 2019 operetta “the Merry widow”. And directed by Miklos Gabor kerenyi (KERO), the artistic Director of Budapest operetta and musical theatre, a longtime partner of the Italian theatre: here he staged the operetta “the Bayadere”, “Countess Maritza”, “Bat”, the musicals “Jekyll & Hyde”, “the Count of Monte Cristo”, “cancan”.

July 10 was declared the nominees of the Higher theatrical award of St. Petersburg “Golden soffit” in the season 2019 – 2020. Expert Council of the award has awarded a special prize of the Council for the musical theaters, the team of creators of the encyclopedia “Saint-Petersburg theatre of musical Comedy from A to z” Marina Godlevskaya, Sergey Nikolaev and Igor Yakovlev.

Also, the theatre received two nominations in the independent audience award “stars of the Theatre” in 2020. In the category “Best performance for children and youth” marked the play of Sergei Banevich’s “the Steadfast tin soldier”. And in the category “Best Director” in the long list of awards includes the theatre’s General Director Yuri Schwarzkopf.