the Relations of the United States and China are now almost worse than ever. Already several years the President of the United States Donald trump is waging a trade war against China, and when it seemed that the parties are ready to make peace, there was a coronavirus. As luck would have it, the epicenter of the spread was China accused of trying to conceal the scale of the epidemic. After added to this unexpectedly harsh behavior strategy of the CCP on the protests in Hong Kong, which aroused the anger in the White house. And then the United States suddenly announced the closure of a major Chinese Consulate in Houston – according to some prominent senators, this mission was an essential link in a huge spy network.

Tensions between the United States and China continues to rise after the forced closure by the Washington Consulate of China in Houston on the news that Federal prosecutors USA looking for a Chinese scientist. This woman is accused of fraud with visas. According to investigators, she hides in the Consulate of China in San Francisco.

Prosecutors allege that tan Tsuang, a researcher in the field of biology, she lied about her contacts with the Chinese military to enter the United States. Since then, she avoided arrest by taking refuge in the diplomatic mission of China.

26 Jun Tang Tsuang was accused of fraud visa. Prosecutors said she hid their relationship with the military structures of China in their visa application, but the investigators “found photos of her in the form of the people’s liberation army of China.” Also, investigators found that she worked as a researcher at the Military medical University, the Chinese also reported at entry into the United States.

However, the lawyers of the woman-scientist claim that all accusations are unfounded. “Tan denied service in the Chinese armed forces, claimed not to know the meaning of the insignia on your uniform and that wearing a military uniform was mandatory for course attendance because it was a military school,” said lawyers for the girl.

However, during a search of her residence and analysis of phone data, the FBI supposedly “found additional evidence of belonging to the Tang army of China”.

In a criminal case appear the names of several Chinese scholars in the United States. Prosecutors claim they are part of the “programme pursued by the Chinese army or associated institutions.” Their main goal “to send military scientists in the United States under false pretenses with a false cover story or false statements about their true employment.”

“At least in one of these cases, there is evidence that the military scientist was copying or stealing information from American institutions for the instruction of military supervisionVA in China. In addition, there is evidence that the Chinese government has instructed these persons to destroy the traces of their activities and to coordinate travel from the United States, especially after the charges against Xun Wang 7 June 2020,” said the prosecutors.

last month, Wang was arrested at the International airport in Los Angeles, trying to fly from the United States to China. He was accused of fraud visa.

Commenting on the arrest of Wang, the official representative of Chinese foreign Ministry Hua Chunying called it a “blatant political persecution”.

“as far As I know, Xin Wang conducts researches in the field of cardiovascular diseases. I don’t see how it could threaten national interests or security of the United States. In recent years, many Chinese citizens were interrogated by U.S. law enforcement agencies, leaving the United States, and digital devices that they carried, were also investigated,” she said.

apparently, the decision about the sudden closure of the Chinese Consulate in Houston has a direct connection with allegations of espionage. The decision to close was taken one day after U.S. prosecutors accused two suspected Chinese hackers in the “wider global campaign of computer intrusion”, which, according to them, was also supported by the government and aimed at hacking into systems for the treatment of coronavirus and the theft of vaccines.

the Republican Senator from Florida Marco Rubio, the acting Chairman of the intelligence Committee, said that the Consulate in Houston is the “Central node of an extensive spy network of Communist party of China”.

the U.S. state Department has previously accused China that it “for many years engaged in massive illegal espionage and influence operations” and that “activity has increased significantly in scale over the past few years.”

the spokesman said that the Consulate was ordered closed, “to protect American intellectual property and private information of Americans.”

Beijing has promised to respond to the closure of the Consulate in Houston and the state media of China has predicted a potential closure of one of the many diplomatic missions of the USA in China.

the Ministry of foreign Affairs of China has called the order “unprecedented escalation” and suggested that it would respond symmetrically. Chinese Consul General in Houston Cai Wei said he was shocked by the order of closure. “I never expected that we will treat, we have sought the friendship and understanding between China and the United States,” he said.

Analysts expect that China’s response will eliminate the American consolstvo in Wuhan, which was actually zarytovskaya months ago due to pandemic coronavirus. James green, senior research fellow at Georgetown University and former U.S. diplomat in China, said that “there is some symmetry in the closing of the American Consulate in Wuhan”.