The spread of the coronavirus COVID-19: the latest news

Russian airline to stop Charter flights to China. This is done to prevent the spread of the novel coronavirus. Chinese Charter flights will continue to fly to Russia and back. Meanwhile, in Beijing at the weekend will arrive the big group of international experts from the world health organization. They should identify the source of the disease, as well as to help the authorities to contain the outbreak. In addition to China coronavirus identified in 24 countries. Since the beginning of the outbreak fell ill more than 60 thousand people. More than 1300 died.

to Curb the epidemic of the world. Scientists are working on four different vaccines against coronavirus COVID-19. But the most optimistic forecast – will start tests on humans, not earlier than 3-4 months.

“We have identified epidemiology as an important priority. Because we really need to understand this virus, find out where it originated and how jumped to people, what age group it affects, and what conditions make this disease more or less severe in different people,” explains chief Executive officer of the world health organization Sumia Swaminathan.

Meanwhile, the international monetary Fund collects data to assess the impact of virus outbreak in China and impact its economy. What are the economic consequences await the rest of the world?

“We often compare SARS in the early 2000-ies with the coronavirus. But we must remember that viruses are different. And China is different, and the world economy is not the same. The virus is spreading differently than SARS, and has already surpassed the number of people who have lost their lives then. The Chinese economy is much more significant to the world. Then it was eight percent of the world economy. Now 19, and it is much more integrated,” said the managing Director of the International monetary Fund Kristalina Georgieva.

worldwide cancel events planned for several months. The stage “Formulas-1” in China decided to move. It was to be held in Shanghai in April. Canceled the world Cup for climbing. In Barcelona for the first time in 33 years not to host the largest exhibition of mobile gadgets. Earlier she refused to go giants such as Sony and Amazon. The organizers announced — not one tourist from China’s Hubei province, where the epidemic began will not be allowed access. But then Congress decided not to pursue. Losses estimated at 500 million euros. But safety is more important. Officials only need to reassure the population.

“If one of us thought that might be cause for alarm or for taking extreme measures, we would, obviously, first stated. But now health authorities say that there are no grounds for extraordinary measures,” — said the mayor of Barcelona Hell Cola.

fashion Week in Shanghai and Beijing postponed because of the epidemic. Canceled the fair in Hong Kong. Chinese brands go to fashion Week in Paris. And clock and jewelry brand Bvlgari leaves the exhibition in Basel. Phobia around COVID-19 passed and the Chinese themselves. In many countries, has urged his compatriots to be more tolerant. The more strange on this background looks a joke, the Russian football player Dmitry Tarasov. He has published in social networks photo with the hairdresser of Asian appearance and the word “coronavirus”.

“If he comes out with an apology, an apology will be imposed on it by the press service of the club, that is very Tarasov think it’s funny,” commented the assistant coach of FC “Sochi-m” Nikita Kovalchuk.

the Organization “Football against racism in Europe” found the joke inappropriate and suggested the RFU to punish the athlete. The epidemic which has already claimed nearly a thousand lives, indeed, not a good topic for jokes.