The sports Ministry has restricted the conducting of competitions in Russia

Before Monday the impact of the virus COVID-19, already thoroughly shoveled the international sporting calendar in Russia was felt, perhaps, to a lesser extent. But, it is clear that, given the rate of spread of the coronavirus, long so could not continue: after all, the health of athletes and fans is more important than income, prize money, titles.

Photo: Actor Idris Elba was infected by a coronavirus

it is Obvious that these considerations dictated the measures announced on the eve of the MST. The first paragraph dealt with international tournaments in the country: “to be abolished from March 16, 2020 until further notice the conduct on the territory of the Russian Federation in international sports events, including the participation of foreign athletes (coaches) all-Russian sporting events previously planned with foreign participation”.

By 16 March the number of events involving foreign athletes and experts, was not suspended tournaments such as the Russian Premier League football (RPL) and the Continental hockey League (KHL).

the Final decision of the KHL over the continuation of the season at the time of writing these lines was not adopted, although by Monday the struggle for the Gagarin Cup has already voluntarily abandoned the Finnish “Jokerit” and Kazakhstan “Barys”.

Photo: Valery sharifulin/TASS the Minister of environment of Poland had contracted the coronavirus

RPL with its future to be determined by theafter the meeting with the Russian football Union, scheduled for Tuesday night. Certainly domestic clubs will proceed and the decisions of UEFA that Mar 17, also will hold a meeting on the suspension of the national Championships. However, two of the closest match 23-go round “the locomotive” – “Orenburg” and CSKA – “Zenith” Premier League had to cancel the day before in connection with the new decree of the mayor of Moscow Sergey Sobyanin banned all sports events until April 10.

But chess candidates tournament, which is supposed to start in Yekaterinburg on Tuesday, it seems, still held despite the disposal of the MST. At least, so said the President of the International chess Federation Arkady Dvorkovich.

the Second paragraph of the document published by the sports Ministry is Advisory in nature and applies to “inter-regional and all-Russian sporting events”. Their conduct also proposes to limit. However, this does not apply to tournaments, which are qualifying ahead of the 2020 Olympics in Tokyo. The championship of Russia in swimming, which will be held in Kazan from 3 to 10 April, just from this category. That’s just it, alas, without an audience.