With our love of the feline corona virus and ugly house, but it’s still nothing compared to what they were in Italy, and the country of Spain. The Spanish soldiers, which are then used for the construction of buildings and homes for the elderly, to disinfect, to find on arrival, are often left behind, the elderly who died in the hospital. Sometimes, a couple of them in the same house.

Mexico is the world to be one of the hardest-hit countries is due to the corona virus. In some regions, even schaatspistes be used as a noodmortuarium. The bodies are there, just the ice cream, put it in, waiting for them to be able to be buried. Because the government is no longer able to follow.

the Soldiers, who are to be selected, and other mental health professionals have found that the younger days of painful conditions in nursing homes. The elderly, who might have been left because of all the illness and it is no longer possible. People who are sick, hungry, and in degrading conditions, in their room, and sat down.

the Soldiers, who have retirement and nursing homes have to go and disinfect, also found several bodies of rusthuisbewoners. The corona virus has died in their beds. And no staff to be seen.

the Workers are complaining that they have to be for the elderly, care for it. That’s a little bit of each one for himself. Older people without children are often the victims of it. Often, residents of nursing homes, all on their own due to lack of staff.


the Secretary of Defense, and Margarita Robles, confirmed on Monday that the soldiers and residents died in their beds, had been found. The Spanish Public Prosecutor’s office has launched an investigation into the circumstances in detail. “It may be alarming, they do not work”, what it sounds like.

the Minister for public Health, Salvador, Illa pointed out that the government’s ” absolute priority has been given to the old people’s homes, in the fight against the spread of the virus. The situation in the nursing homes, need to be closely monitored and adhered to, what it sounds like. “No one is allowed to fulfill his destiny to be there. This has been Helpful.”, she said.

(38, 42 of the residents are infected:

the Spanish nurses and doctors are demanding more support in the fight against the new corona virus. A trade association for the medical staff say hospitals in the capital, on the point of collapse”. A physicians ‘ organisation went to the court to be within the 24-hour protective equipment (ppe) requirements.

In Spain there are almost 40,000 people are infected with the new corona virus. As many as 14% of the patients would have to be employed in the health care sector. The large number of infections amongst health care providers would have to deal with a shortage of medical material.

Artsenbond AMYTS, in Madrid, says that a lawsuit has been filed to the regional health authority, to force the surgical masks, safety glasses, safety goggles, and other resources available to the hospitals to send them.

note that In Andalusia, as did the mayor of a small town, with a call on social media. At a local nursing home, appeared in 38 of the 42 residents of the corona virus, and 60 per cent of the workforce is infected.

“We have had oxygen in the ambulance and hospital beds are needed,” said the mayor of san Rafael Aguilera of the Alcalá del Valle. “It died, a person in our arms is because we have no oxygen could get in.”

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