The Spanish authorities suspected the Prime Minister of money laundering

Spanish police are investigating the possible participation of the Prime Minister of Bulgaria Boyko Borisov in money laundering in Spain, the newspaper El Periodico.

the Police of Catalonia in March 2019 received a statement from the Bulgarian non-governmental organizations MC BUUP, notes TASS. In possible fraud suspected former Bulgarian model Borislav Yovcheva. The woman and her father was part of the leadership of the two companies with headquarters in Barcelona Numin Invest SL and EMA BGS SL. These companies in 2013 received more than 5 million euros, the money could come from individuals who live outside of Spain.

MC BUUP claims that Yovcheva and her family lived in a luxurious Villa in the province of Barcelona. The investigation revealed that the property is purchased for € 3 million in 2013 and is registered in the company Numin Invest SL. According to the newspaper, in January-June 2013 Yovcheva was the sole Director of the company, the capital of which amounted to 3 thousand euros. Then, a company headed by her father, who contributed to the capital of the company about 3 thousand euros.

Investigators found another company — EMA BGS SL, which owns a clothing store in Barcelona. The company invested no less than 2.3 million euros, which allegedly came from another company. The headquarters of the EMA BGS SL was at Villa, where she lived Yovcheva.

the Villa was child’s only legal guardian which means Yovcheva. MC BUUP claims that Borisov could have a relationship with Yovchevi. Borisov himself denying any connection with the model.

the Police found that the investment of both companies in Catalonia exceeded 5 million euros. Law enforcement agencies have not received documents confirming that Yovcheva and her father would have a legitimate income for such a lifestyle.

Police in its report had given a statement MC BUUP that money can be “associated with undeclared funds by high officials of the Bulgarian government”.