An Ambassador from Sweden, knew after six years of service in Bern, Switzerland, probably better than I do. Whenever possible, he was over the weekend on the road. Such a small and diverse country is unique, he confessed to me at the farewell dinner.

This diversity in unity is also true for a party like the SP. I only got to know as their President. First of all, the visit of the cantonal parties of the inaugural.

The water

wait, In July I was a guest at the Valais SP in Martigny. At the counter I ordered quenchers mineral water as a thirst. As the President: “You’re here in the Valais, reported, not in Basel. As the new party boss you’re being watched. And now you have to drink first a glass of Fendant. We expect respect for our cultural heritage, our wonderful vineyards. Later because of me retaining water,” he said slightly sympathetically, grinning.

The Canton of Vaud SP met on a Saturday afternoon. The Congress of the party to approached the counter 18 at the end. I consulted the timetable. No, waved to the President. We were invited by the city of Lausanne for dinner. Afterwards, we changed into a wine cellar. They had ordered me a Hotel. At four o’clock I fell into the bed. The love Enjoyed were attentive. Pajamas and toothbrush were also at the ready.

The Red and the Blue

scene changes. In the people’s house hall in La Chaux-de-Fonds, blue flags and posters hung. On the tables were blue Flyer. Since I’m always early arrival, there was no man. I later learned, in the Canton of neuchâtel, the SP was bleu the Parti. Les Radicaux, the intimate, were in the Red.

The Congress proceeded to matter-of-factly. That was voted in the best new Burger in French. Factually, without rhetoric and pepper. According to the presidential final word, the hall emptied by the minute. After a quarter of an hour I stood at the train station.

Fiesta until the early hours

Italian is a musical language. The Ticino delegates enjoyed you in Locarno. The President closed with a rhetorical flourish. Then, the Fiesta followed. With A Night Of Food, Music, Dance. Up to five o’clock.

On the Helvetia square in Zurich, the street wiper shouted, “Hubacher, have you re-noise? You have to arbitrate?” So it was. Had it not been for Emilie Lieberherr, the city and the then Councillor of state: “You have lost nothing. The Japanese night of noise.”

Helmut Hubacher (93) was from 1975 to 1990, President of the SP Switzerland. He writes every second Wednesday of the VIEW.