The Zurich-based elections – whether in defeat or boozy election party seats national parties even in the bone. Recovery is not but fashionable, already, next Sunday, it comes to the next Showdown at the parliamentary and government elections in Lucerne and Basel-Landschaft. The two cantons of tick, but very different than the population of the Limmat city and Agglomeration of Zurich: rich, namely, rural, conservative, and very car friendly.

green-liberal are out-of-competition

The SVP works in Basel and Lucerne, which is still on the building, while the Left is difficult to define outside of the urban area. In 2015, the FDP, and SVP were the big Election winners. SP and CVP were in place, the Green one broke, and the green liberals and the BDP were missed, the wallflower Status. For large aftermath of a further Parallel also resulted In two cantons, the SP fell with crashing defeats of the government.

“If, as in the Canton of Zurich only the Green again next Sunday for the big fly-over schedule, anything other than safe,” the Lucerne SP-cantonal President David Roth (33) combative. The SP was in two cantons, much stronger than the Greens, more so twice as large as the green, liberal, and thus the largest environmental force. In addition, climate policies have not displaced the Central theme of the Canton of Finance politically.

SP-Opposition could pay off in both cantons of

in fact, the Lucerne Left with their Opposition to austerity is likely to and have brought in policy of the Bourgeois new popularity within the population. “Most recently with the Federal court ruling against the reduction of the premium reduction,” recalls Roth. Of SP will benefit-councillor candidate Jörg Meyer (50). Similarly, the green wave: Many supporters of the Greens would choose in addition to your candidate Korintha Bärtsch (34) on a common list Meyer.

Also in the Basel area, the SP was able to score since 2015 as an opposition force, also as a defender of public transport. “The landrat elections are characterized not only by the green and climate policy issues, but, above all, social”, is, therefore, SP national councillor Eric Nussbaumer (58).

The Greens will not come off these voices but. Also, you are not likely to grow: “the success of The Zurich Green is a super location for us,” Green national councillor Maya Graf (57). The goal is to get the 2015 lost seats – and thus to strengthen the left-Green overall.

SVP-bearing is now startled

in any case, the Basel countries SP-councillor candidate Kathrin Swiss (49) will be awarded to their civil SVP-competitors, Thomas de Courten (52) great opportunities to capture the only vacant seat. SVP-national Council de Courten says: “After the election in Zurich, it is even more difficult. But this is also a Wake-up call.” But the startled SVP-stock in addition to mobilize, national councillor Sandra Berger (45), party leadership, member of the cantonal SVP is expected.

so the question is, at whose expense the left Power. Many see the less, the SVP is in decline. The SVP-voters potential is not exhausted, provided that the mobilization would be able to believe some. Not only is the Lucerne SVP-Chief Angela Lüthold-Sidler (61). Votes could have the FDP also and CVP – politicians are forfeited, the civil savings have supported programs for the improvement of their cantons.

The climate of political pirouettes of the national FDP cantonal FDP-tips to deal but less. Optimistic you expect the CVP to bring at least your councillor candidates – Fabian Peter (LU, 42) and Monica Gschwind (BL, 55, so far) comfortably in the Dry. If you mobilization a success.