The sons of mints in absentia arrested

in Absentia arrested the sons of former co-owner of group “Opening” of the businessman Boris mints, Dmitry and Alexander Basmanny court of Moscow. They are charged with the embezzlement of 34 billion rubles. Judge elected Alexander and Dmitry Mintzes measure of restraint in form of detention for two months.

But the question about the arrest in absentia of Boris mints, the court, at the request of the lawyer of the businessman, will consider on 3 February, reports “Interfax”. The meeting will begin at 13 hours. The delay will provide an opportunity for the lawyer of the banker Alexey Kupriyanov to read the case and documents it.

the Father and two sons Mintzes indicted in a large embezzlement under part 4 of article 160 of the Russian Criminal code. The investigation began on 17 September 2018. In the spring of 2019 has been in absentia arrested eks-the Chairman of Board of Bank “Opening” Evgenie Dankevich. He and the Mintzes are accused of committing is certainly not the disadvantage of the acquisition of the bonds by companies “01 of 01 Grupp Finans” the borrowers “Open”. In the summer of 2017 on the Moscow stock exchange was withdrawn 40 million bond for a thousand rubles. While the actual cost was less than half of the declared.

Boris mints, the founder of investment company O1 Group engaged in the ownership and management of Finance and real estate. At the beginning of 2017, Boris mints held 72 line In the rating of the richest Russian businessmen, according to Forbes magazine Billionaire founder of the Museum of Russian impressionism.

In 2018, the banker gave the Cypriot company Riverstretch Trading & Investments (RT&I) control of financial group “the Future” and development company O1 Properties that were part of the O1 Group. The unsecured bonds are “O1 group Finance” on the balance sheet of financial Corporation “Opening” became the subject of verification of the Investigative Committee of Russia to the reorganization of the Bank, after conversion of the Chairman of the Board Michael Zadornov.

the Lawyer of a billionaire Fedor Kupriyanov said that the Mintzes guilt does not recognize. They believe that through the courts ill-wishers are trying to take over their property and business. The father and two brothers Mintz declared in the international search. Russia will put the question on their extradition during the arrest. In July 2019 London court has seized assets owned by Boris mints.