June 24, as 75 years ago, on red Square Victory Parade was held. Honoured artist of Russia Sergey Makhovikov, and the song and dance ensemble of the Separate division of operational use named after Dzerzhinsky of national guard troops to the event recorded the song-March “salute to Heroes”. author Tatiana Nazarova.

In the recording took part the orchestra, consisting of 160 people and a choir numbering 57 people. The song was recorded one rehearsal, as during the epidemic of the coronavirus was not possible to collect such a number of people several times. As a result, the Song-March “salute to the Heroes!” heard across the country.

Sergey Makhovikov been collaborating with the creative teams of Regardie, Patriotic charitable action – play “Until the heart to honor alive” online marathon-concert “Under the banner of Victory” and other projects – all of his work. This time the team Regardie and a member of the Council for culture at Regardie Sergey Makhovikov not remained aloof from the great historical events.