Vasily Rybin together with his girlfriend Daria

21-year-old son of the soloist of group “the dune” Victor Rybin and singer Natalia Senchukova Vasily Rybin, who drew the attention of the press known by the name and resemblance to 40-year-old American actor Jason Momoa, paving your own path to glory. Basil sings in the band KODI, as its frontman, and today unveiled a brand new song “Hurricane.” It Rybin sings about love, and inspired him to create compositions girlfriend Daria Alyabiev.

the Reason for writing this track became my favorite girl @daria_al_. This gorgeous girl always supported me, told where and what is wrong, where what to change or add, and most importantly always believed in me (the spelling and punctuation of the author saved. — Approx. ed.), — told the story of the song Basil.

Vasily Rybin together with his girlfriend Daria Alyabyevo

Introducing a new track of his group, he noted that this is the first year the song of KODI.

Daria Basil met in early childhood: they went to the same kindergarten. Because of the study in different schools of fishes and Alyabiev’t talked in a while, and in 14 years met and decided to be together. Now the couple are studying in the same Institute — fishes mastered the profession of Director of theatrical performances at the Moscow state Institute of culture.

Vasily Rybin

Daria Alyabyev

Victor Rybin with his daughter Mary, Timur Kizyakov, Natalia Senchukova, Vasily Rybin, Daria Alyabyev